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Photo by Tasha Doremus

Enduring Presence: A Response to Gregory Holt’s 2,000 MOVEMENTS

September 16-17, 2015
thefidget space

Photo credit: Tasha Doremus

To witness Gregory Holt’s 2,000 Movements, a series of 2,000 unrepeated, layered movements, is to witness an enduring presence.

Moments of context—a score slipped into the program, Greg’s brief yet informative introduction—helped me grasp on and tune in, gave me frame and focus. (I love context. Thank you!) “Listen to the city,” Greg said, and then he began.

Late sunset streamed through the windows of thefidget space, churning into twilight. Asimina Chremos’ lighting design seemed to offer the passage of time as a suggestion. Because Greg had invited us to “listen to the city,” I knew not to expect recorded music.

As time [time did not “pass.” As I sat there, witnessing,] I found that I no longer expected anything. Not that I didn’t expect anything. I think maybe what fell away was expectation itself.

Potentiality replaced expectation.

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