Project Date: September 01, 2014 Skills: Web Design, Web Banner

Website Design for Eileen R. Tabios

Website Design for Eileen R. Tabios (Poet, Writer, Artist, Editor, Critic, Publisher)

Process Notes

The client opted for free web hosting via I customized the free Hemingway Rewritten theme and also designed the header image, which is comprised of cover images from Eileen’s 27+ books.

What was an arduous process for me, given my lack of much technical ability as well as a larger-than-remembered portfolio of work, was significantly eased by Jai’s gentle but wise ministrations. Jai was not just responsive but very patient. I felt supported throughout the whole process—Jai listened to what I said, and did not say, such that the result was beyond my imaginings of what was possible.
—Eileen Tabios

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