Project Date: November 05, 2014 Skills: Web Design, Logo Design, eBook

Trans Empowerment

TransEmpowerment: Affordable Life Coaching for the Transgender Community
Responsive Website Design (including Logo and Brand Identity) for Andy Matzner
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Process Notes

I met Andy during my undergraduate years at Hollins University, where he was teaching at the time. As a therapist who’s been serving transgender clients in southwestern Virginia for many years, he approached me for a website design that would highlight and promote his new life coaching and social confidence coaching services for trans folks, and help extend his reach nationally, beyond Virginia. I was really excited to support him on this important endeavor, so I set out to brand his new “wing” of services.


After our initial consultation, I prepared two design concepts, and Andy chose the one you see here. I was thinking about fullness, transformation, resiliency, change, and journey, which were ideas that stood out to me after talking to Andy about his practice and reading about his mission and philosophy. I thought it would be appropriate to create a logo mark and look that was organic, so I decided on a set of small trees in the logo and spring branches in the graphical elements, using a teal, sage, ochre, and chartreuse color palette.

For the font faces, I chose Londrina Solid for the logo and headers because it was less austere than other sans serif fonts, warmer and fuller, and had a bit of playfulness that I felt matched the themes of transformation and the spaciousness needed in order to grow. Subheadings are set in Questrial for its rounded, welcoming, and softer feel.

eBook Design

Trans Empowerment eBook page 1

Andy had a PDF booklet that he wanted new subscribers to his newsletter to receive as a free gift. I offered to re-design it incorporating graphical elements from the TransEmpowerment style guide to make it more visually engaging to read. [It is a PDF eBook, not an eBook optimized for digital reading devices.] Subscribe to Andy’s newsletter to receive the full document, packed with strategies and journal prompts to help you identify and align yourself with your values and goals.

Working with Jai was awesome. I felt like the communication between us always flowed nicely. They are fast and efficient and very helpful when it came to addressing my needs. They were always interested in communicating with me about my ideas. I felt it was a very nice collaborative process!
—Andy Matzner