Project Date: August 25, 2015 Skills: Web Design

Website design for somatics practitioner Sara Yassky
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Process Notes

Sara Yassky was beginning to formalize and brand their own practice as a somatics practitioner, massage therapist and social worker. They approached me for a website design to draw potential clients (both individuals and organizations) for somatic work, massage and transformative change. We met to discuss their vision. It was important that the site describe what Sara offered, as well as provide more information about the frameworks that inform their work.

I had danced with Sara before, but had never had a session with them; we decided to trade for a one hour bodywork session so I could experience some of their work firsthand. I appreciated that Sara allowed me some time to arrive on the table itself, and led me through visualizations in order to identify and return to sensation within my body.

Developing the look and feel

For the overall look and feel, Sara identified movement, layering, sensation, texture and depth. Sara wanted an abstract background image that would match the intricacy and complexity of the body; something that would have layers of settling and grounding but also layers of activation. They were interested in a “visual, abstract shape that is intricate yet [has] lines, passageways, diaphragms, things you can’t exactly visually follow to an end, but is housed and contained in some way.” They shared artwork they were drawn to (photographs and abstract images) that had the color and texture they wanted to capture.

I took our notes and conversations (and my experience of the session itself) and manipulated some abstract images that would evoke their approach. We settled with this background, which evoked the cellular body; its swirling also matched Sara’s integration of somatic practices, bodywork and massage, dance, healing justice, community organizing and social transformation. We tweaked the color palette until we arrived at the right cyan / copper combination. I also utilized transparency in the page background to evoke that layering we talked about.

I created the three buttons on the My Approach page. I also worked to format the layout of page content to make the information visually interesting, grounding, active, and clear to the eye.

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