Project Date: January 21, 2015 Skills: Web Design, Logo Design

Responsive website design for Mo Miner | Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher
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Process Notes

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of taking Mo Miner’s dance class at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley since January of 2013; I’ve been going almost every week since then and it’s literally saved my life. I enjoy her teaching style and her energy, as well as the technical difficulty and joyous spiraling of her movement. I love how she describes the qualities of things; often it’s a chimeric word (a collision of two different words, a half word), or the texture of something, or just a gesture. I resonated with that and when she approached me for a website design and said, “What if my website could be like my dance class?” I knew immediately what she meant, and started developing the visual concept.

Mo MIner - Logo Mark

What came to mind first involved something like brief “splashes” of color or intensity. She was drawn to plum, so I chose a complimentary teal for the color palette. For the logo mark, I chose Varela Round as the font face because it seemed to vibe most closely with her aesthetic. I used a brushstroke for the “o” in “Mo,” and subtly overlaid the mark with another brushstroke to give it a little texture. I incorporated these same brushstrokes and stains into the visual elements of the design for texture and “splash” feel.

I love designing for dancers, as another dancer, because I understand that texture and felt sense are as much a part of teaching or making work as creating a visual design.

​I loved working with Jai and it was fantastic to work with a designer who is also a dancer. They created a website that reflected my personality and my movement style, and that had a clear, organized, and beautiful design. I do not feel very tech-savvy and they were great at giving me all the tools and training I needed to be able to update my site with confidence.

​I felt EXTREMELY supported! We had great conversations about what I wanted/needed and they were very open to my ideas and my rambling/unorganized/vague thoughts about what I wanted. Somehow they took all of that and created a site that met all of my needs and some I didn’t even know I had! I felt like Jai believed in me and truly wanted to help me share my work with a larger audience through the website.

-Mo Miner

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