Project Date: September 01, 2017 Skills: Clay Minis

Major Noodle’s Clay Miniatures

Since the death of a parent, I’ve been making clay miniatures. I find that working with my hands on such a small scale helps to ground me in my body as I work through my grieving process, and I want to share this practice with you.

I specialize in sunny side up eggs, swiss rolls and layer cakes, tea time sets, crone witches with familiars, mischievous cats, kimchee buffets, and noodle bowls. No request is too weird. I’ve made jellyfish, Cthulhu heads, and cacaelia (octopus people). See everyone I’ve made on Instagram @major_noodle.

These make great charms to charge for healing and spiritual practice, cute gifts for yourself or your loved ones, and cool items for therapist sand trays and granny dollhouses.

After squealing, doing a fabulous photo shoot, and bonding with your mini in my Cafe Misanthrope, I’ll mail it off via Pony Express.

What can I clay for you? // Email

Special Thanks to Puck Lo, RayRay PanSit, and Marissa Perel for encouragement and artistic direction.