Project Date: September 29, 2014 Skills: Promotional Materials Design, Brochure, Logo Design

Herban Elixirs Brochure for SF Herbalist

Herban Elixirs Z-fold brochure for SF Herbalist, with logo.


Z-fold brochure, side 2.

Process Notes

Herban Elixirs Brochure
Kara Sigler of SF Herbalist approached me for a brochure design that would showcase her line of elixirs and liniments. I used a vintage paper image for the background, which had a lot of character and irregularities that I felt matched the feel of her practice and products. I also used some branch and twig brushes to add subtle texture and color.

I also created an updated logo for SF Herbalist utilizing a drawing of a wild ginger plant provided by Kara. I matched the colors from the drawing to the logo and the brochure design as well.

I loved working with Jai. I felt like they created an amazing visual of what I wanted, even when I was not sure I described it very well. All of my questions were answered, sometimes before I knew I had them. I felt totally supported. I have worked with other graphic designers who were not able to communicate to me what they were doing and it made it hard to feel like I was part of the process of creating my own business image. I will bring all of my design projects to Jai because I know my vision will be created and respected. I felt heard and that goes a long way to helping me vision my own business and what it needs.
—Kara Sigler