Project Date: December 23, 2014 Skills: Web Design, Logo Design

Responsive website design for Gabriel Todd | pandulce music [vocalist, songwriter, producer, dancer, performer]
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Developing the look and feel

I met Gabriel Todd during my studies at Naropa University circa 2005-2007. I had the opportunity to dance for him in his BFA senior show, and have been a huge fan of his music ever since. After hearing he was crowdfunding for an independently-produced artist residency in Denver, to create a new live music show and EP, I decided to donate a website design that would showcase his music, his dance and performance projects, promote his work as an accompanist and teacher, and build his fan base.

Through knowing Gabriel as a friend and listening to his music, I had immediate ideas for the look and feel of the site. I was thinking gold, light brown, and ochre, to mimic straw, clay, earth, the desert, and bread. Gabriel immediately vibed with that, “like a hike in Boulder after a summer rain.” He was also drawn to turquoise and rusty terracota. He showed me images of oxidized copper and tundra lichen for color and texture. The final palette features turquoise and rust.

I chose one of Gabriel’s photographs as the background of the site, because I felt it was important to create a sense of space and place, which are integral sensibilities in his artistic practice and music-making. I also played with a hexagon shape to showcase the other great images Gabriel provided.

Logo design

For Gabriel’s logo mark, I used an image of rusted metal that I altered to evoke even more of the colors and textures we’d discussed. I chose Coustard for the font face; the rounded, stout serifs evoked something of his aesthetic and it was thick enough to allow the textural elements of the image to come through.

For the pandulce logo mark, I used the same font face and blended a photograph of Gabriel’s with the rust color. I wanted something earthy that would evoke edible pandulce, as well as a sense of spaciousness that is so integral to Gabriel’s music.