Project Date: October 20, 2014 Skills: Book Design, Book Cover, Book Interior Layout

“dear Gerald” Book Design

Book cover and interior layout for dear Gerald by Arisa White (Self-published, 2014)
6″x9″ perfect-bound
Printed by 1984 Printing, Berkeley CA
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Process Notes

dear Gerald

Arisa provided the photograph for the cover and wanted it to appear “ghosted.” After digitally manipulating the image using a variety of techniques, I decided to highlight the cracking in the photo by doubling the image and off-setting it slightly, to give the effect of dislocation and loss.

For the main font face, I chose IM Fell DW Pica for its character and texture, which matched the epistolary nature of Arisa’s poems and the project itself, and evoked writing into the past in an attempt to retrieve something that has been lost. As a complementary font for titles and headings, I chose sans serif Oswald for its bold yet neutral tone, which provided contrast without deterring from the emotions evoked in the IM Fell DW Pica.

[Jai was] great to work with, responsive and willing to work in my budget. Jai’s background as a writer really helped with the layout of dear Gerald—they understood the importance of keeping line breaks. I particularly liked it when they caught errors and misspellings. Jai has an easy-going nature, and supported my design ideas with their graphic design know-how.
—Arisa White

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