Project Date: June 18, 2015 Skills: Web Design, Logo Design

Website design for writer and scholar Craig Santos Perez
Web hosting by A Small Orange

Process Notes

I first met Craig on a listserv for Asian American writers, and then in person when I moved to the California Bay Area in 2007. I have always been deeply inspired by Craig’s work as it engages the intersections of indigenous and Pacific Islander literatures, activism, de/colonization and humor (i.e. SPAM). I had the amazing privilege of being guest-edited by him for the publication of my first book. When he approached me for a website design last fall, I was obviously thrilled to work with him and support the continuation of his phenomenal poetics.

csp-logo-200x82From what I know and love of his writing, I knew I wanted to work with water as a subtle texture in the design. For his logo mark, I had a vision of the letters “CSP” angled, and the rest of the name sort of folded or carried on itself in a way. I went with cool blues and grays, because I felt they matched his work and evoked his cool / modern / clean / professional requests as well. I also found a couple great line drawings of ocean waves, which I overlayed on the “CSP” to give the letters some distinctive volume and dimension. I also incorporated the waves into the footer for texture and movement.

The final look is “cool Chamoru power.”

I appreciated that Jai guided me through the entire process, from site design to content organization. They were knowledgeable, creative, and generous. I felt supported because every time I emailed a question, Jai was quick to respond. I love my site, and I have received many compliments since it launched.
-Craig Santos Perez

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