Project Date: November 07, 2014 Skills: Web Design

Responsive website design for Colleen “Coke” Tani (writer, dancer, facilitator)
Web hosting by A Small Orange

Process Notes

I met Coke at an Asian Americans and the avant-garde symposium at the California Institute for Integral Studies in August. I had the chance to see Coke perform one of her bed dances, and being both writers and dancers, we immediately connected and resonated with each other’s work. Shortly afterwards, Coke approached me for a website design that would display her writing, dance, and facilitation work and serve as an archive that could grow with her.

After our initial consultation, I came up with two design concepts that incorporated the ideas of body, intimacy, sweet vibrancy, and invitation into intimate body/spirit territory, which were all things integral to Coke’s artistic and teaching practice. I was thinking a lot about texture, and the two concepts incorporated rich colors, watercolor textures, and stained paper.

Coke Tani - Logo

Coke was initially drawn to one of these two concepts, but then wanted to see something more spare that played with white space. The third concept I designed is the one you see here. I chose IM Fell English as the main font face, which is used in the logo mark and throughout the site. I had experimented with font faces that were more hand-drawn in my previous concepts, so I chose IM Fell English for its texture and its very subtle typewriter feel. I went with a charcoal and light gray color scheme to create a look that was subtle yet professional and clean.

Coke had a lot of great images to work with, and I chose to highlight them very simply. In some places I designed triptychs to highlight the progression and interplay between her writing, dancing, and facilitation, and between her art, faith-based pursuits, and community engagement.

Jai was exquisitely creative, flexible and responsive to work with! They met with me in person, leaned in and listened with authenticity and care to my description of my work, presented more than one design to begin with, worked with my feedback and ideas, and returned with the perfect design. I couldn’t be happier with it or more proud of my website.

Jai has an eye for beautiful detail, dimension and texture, as well as a gift for creating a pleasurable experience for anyone navigating through my website. In addition, Jai met with me to provide a tutorial in updating and editing my website so that it can grow along with my projects. I found their communication to be professional, clear, honest and patient. I will always be thankful for Jai’s artistic and technical expertise.

—Coke Tani

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