Project Date: April 06, 2015 Skills: Web Design

Website re-design for Bootstrap Press
Web hosting by Laughing Squid

Process Notes

Derek Fenner, one of the editors of Bootstrap Press, approached me for a site re-design to freshen up their image; he wanted something clean, spacious and minimal. The re-design also called for simplifying the catalog; instead of going through PayPal, people would now be directed to their distributor, Small Press Distribution, to purchase titles.

I began with a logo mark design that was ultimately thrown out when I saw some fabulous letterpress prints for Bootstrap Press that had been create previously. I decided to pull the logo and subsequent color scheme from these prints, as I felt this was truer to the spirit of the press than the logo mark concept I had developed.

I decided to keep the visual design super minimal and punctuate the white space with bold colors from the prints, an aesthetic that vibed well with Derek’s vision. I also worked to migrate the site to a new domain.

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