Project Date: September 15, 2016 Skills: Web Design

Visual design consultation for Attic Apothecary / Kelly McCarthy

I met Kelly McCarthy through mutual friends in Philadelphia, and began seeing Kelly for herbal consultations and support in the form of tea and tinctures. Recently we decided to do a work trade: web work for herbs. Kelly already had their site set up in Weebly, and I was able to offer layout, structure, and branding suggestions that left Kelly feeling more empowered about their professional presence as a clinical herbalist, and more able to take ownership over their website. I performed some simple layout and theme adjustments, and made a few edits to clarify and strengthen the content. I also took scans of their hand-lettered logo and built the layout for their digital logo and favicon. This project is an example of an instance where simple adjustments within the restrictions of a web platform can really make a difference in a client’s relationship to their site and their work.

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