Project Date: February 18, 2015 Skills: Web Design, Logo Design

Ashley Anderson Dances

Website re-design for Ashley Anderson Dances
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Process Notes

Dancer, choreographer and teacher Ashley Anderson runs a nonprofit in Salt Lake City, ashley anderson dances, which is also an umbrella for loveDANCEmore, an open forum for dance, through which Ashley directs events and publishes a dance and performance journal.

aad - logo

In her site re-design, Ashley wanted to clarify the relationship between the two projects. I decided to re-vamp an existing logo for ashley anderson dances that mirrored the one for loveDANCEmore. As the loveDANCEmore logo is gray as well as green, I opted to explore black, red and blue-gray as possible color schemes, adding in the subtle texture of a curtain and drop shadows to enhance the symbolic shape of the graphic. Ashley preferred to go with black and white so as not to overwhelm the variety of colors that appear in her dances, so the final palette features black, gray, slate and blue-gray for accent.

To display her choreographic works and work samples, I created a two column layout of image and embedded video in order to make everything immediately accessible. In addition, the template is responsive and re-flows for display on tablets and smart phones.

When working with other designers, the concern has basically been about what’s most workable from the design perspective rather than what is most representative of the work from an artistic perspective.

I enjoyed working with another artist because they were able to understand the aspects of the site which might be most important to viewers. They also had a clear picture as an artist why I would go back and forth through the options carefully rather than rushing a decision based on the most simple design choice.

This made me more comfortable pushing through the process for what I really wanted rather than deferring to a design point-of-view and ending up with pieces I was dissatisfied with (a scenario which has happened before!)
Ashley Anderson

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