Project Date: March 05, 2015 Skills: Web Design, Logo Design

Website re-design for Arisa White [Poet, Writer, Educator]

Process Notes

In terms of color palette and look and feel, Arisa was drawn to oranges, blues and greens, bold typography, and mural and graffiti art featuring black and white lines and geometric shapes. She shared some photographs she had taken, which inspired my direction for the visual look.

She was interested in a graphical image for the homepage. I experimented with a three-dimensional trifold rectangle shape, as well as a rectangle comprised of three triangles. I utilized the texture of a painted wall, changing the color to yellow-gold, and overlaid some line patterns to create blue and gold swirls. While she opted not to use the graphical images I had created, she liked the swirl patterning, so I incorporated that into her logo mark and the page headlines.


Because she was uncomfortable with too much white space, I decided to use the gold wall as the site background, and put a transparency on the page body so that some of the wall bled through. She wanted her photograph of flying books for the homepage, so I balanced the color to match the blue/gold palette and increased the brightness and contrast on the image to make the books pop.

Since her existing website was more of a blog, I condensed much of her content to make it clearer and more easily accessible. I consolidated subpages, reviews and interviews into links, and formatted the books page to utilize more of the page body.

Type is set in Viga, Contrail One, and Lato.

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