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Photo by Tayarisha Poe

Photo by Tayarisha Poe

I am a writer and graphic designer born and raised in West Virginia. As a mixed race, mixed gender, and mixed genre artist, I dedicate my work to fighting white supremacy, celebrating black / brown / queer / trans liberation, and healing home. My social justice practice starts with grounding my creativity in the mountains – in its histories, lived experiences, and futures.


I offer the following skills:

Graphic Design

I love layout. I design print publications and promotional materials, including literary journals, brochures, program booklets, posters, postcards, business cards, and digital ads.

Book Design

As a writer, I love working with authors to create a distinctive cover and/or interior layout that evokes the essence of their writing.

Web Design

I love designing the visual concept for a new website. I focus on creating a unique logo mark and sensory experience using texture, color, and typeface. I'm not a web developer; I install a Wordpress CMS and customize responsive themes.

Media & Communications

I love brainstorming and envisioning messaging and communications strategies for grassroots groups. I support campaigns by writing articles, press releases, or copy for grant applications; creating compelling social media content; or through basic photography, video editing, and sound design.

Featured Work

I support artists, activists, and healers who are also women, queer and trans people, and people of color.


I enjoyed working with another artist because they were able to understand the aspects of the site which might be most important to viewers. They also had a clear picture as an artist why I would go back and forth through the options carefully rather than rushing a decision based on the most simple design choice.
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